Interior design

When we talk about interior design, we often refer to the geometric shapes and sleek style that make a room appear more spacious. The Mercure Group offers advice on contemporary and designer interiors in beautiful apartments, lofts or state-of-the-art homes.

Interior design: how to optimize your living spaces?

The designer lounge is a sleek, refined lounge that focuses on colours such as white, grey or black, as well as the addition of one or more iconic objects.

interior-designThe interior design can also exhibit several bold colour accents, such as bright red, in reference to the flashy and offbeat colours of pop art. Generally, the lines are either straight or curved and furniture will often include signature pieces from a designer. Sofas and armchairs are a composition of shape and volume, while storage furniture is sleek, low, and blends into the contour of the decor, sometimes hanging on the walls to enhance the feeling of lightness. Light also plays an important role in both contemporary and designer interiors.

Rooted in the architectural style of our time, the contemporary lounge features simple, functional lines and modern materials. Contemporary architecture is synonymous with high-quality materials. Contemporary salons are dominated by wood, concrete, steel and glass. The colours reflect raw materials that are considered beautiful in their natural state. Examples include greys from concrete or steel, all shades of brown from wood and the transparent appearance of glass.

The contemporary kitchen has become a place where life transpires, just like the lounge. In an open-plan concept, the kitchen is an integral part of the reception area. It is designed in the same fashion as the lounge using refined materials, clean lines, minimalist furniture without handles, etc. The kitchen presents an assertive style and the same design ideas. The discreet appliances blend into the furniture and are high-tech and easy to use.

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