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A selection of properties for rent

In addition to the purchase of luxury properties, the Mercure Forbes Global Properties group also offers properties for rent. Whether it is a house, an apartment, a loft, a character house or a contemporary villa, the group offers owners the benefit of its know-how and seriousness when it comes to renting their exceptional property.

Thanks to the group’s high-end positioning, our rental management service offers a range of properties that are appropriate in terms of location and quality, but also in terms of service.

“We are just as rigorous in our transactions as we are in our rental management. We have at heart to privilege a human relation of quality and discrete thanks to agencies of proximity on the ground.”

A personalized accompaniment for the rental of your property

Our rental management service takes care of the management of a property in its entirety. All this, while taking care of the respect of the obligations of the lessor but also those of the tenant. Moreover, our group takes care of everything so that you can rent your property in all serenity and without bad surprises. That passes by the selection of the tenants to the drafting of the official documents and while passing by the security of the rents and the inheritance.

Because your serenity and your satisfaction are essential for us, the files of our tenant clients are carefully studied. In fact, this allows us to validate its accuracy and solvency. This is an essential commitment for the security of your rental income.

Advanced skills in legal rules

Because there are many different rental situations, our knowledge of real estate tax law ensures that you are in perfect compliance with your tenant. Each rental contract is systematically updated with the latest legal provisions and accompanied by the required documents.

In the event of a tenant’s default, you are insured against legal and financial risks and their consequences. Our insurance also covers property damage and provides you with legal protection.

Optimizing the profitability of your assets requires rigorous monitoring. This is why we also provide daily management of your administrative, accounting or technical needs.

Collaborators dedicated to the management of your rental property

Experts in prestige and character real estate, our consultants are present throughout the country and are available to answer your questions about renting or rental management. Our unique deployment in the world of luxury real estate allows us to offer a local service that is essential for quality support.

Indeed, our teams will be able to guide you whatever the characteristics of the property to rent! If you are looking to rent an apartment in Nantes, to rent a luxury villa on the French Riviera, to rent a manor in the Loire Valley, to rent a luxury duplex or to rent a private mansion in the heart of the pink city, trust our teams. Our expert staff is at your service with confidentiality, transparency, rigor and efficiency.

To conclude, renting a property can sometimes be tedious and become a real obstacle course. That’s why, our objective is to ensure the smooth running of the rental contract and the full satisfaction of our customers. For your real estate rental projects, take advantage of our dedicated services and personalized advice. Finally, advice and assistance for renting a property are also offered on the site: estimation, real estate expertise or real estate transaction.

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