What are the expectations of prestige real estate buyers?

Publish the 10 July 2024 in Latest News

Symbolizing luxury and exclusivity, prestige real estate is a world that attracts a demanding clientele with specific and high expectations. Understanding expectations is crucial for industry professionals wishing to respond effectively to the needs of this clientele. Beyond the usual features, future buyers of prestige real estate require comprehensive information in order to make an informed decision. Architecture, history, materials, the environment and the city’s dynamism are just some of the resources prospects want to know about before committing to a property sale. The expectations of prestige real estate buyers have changed considerably in recent years. Here’s a look at the aspirations of the French for prestige real estate in 2024.

When looking for a property, buyers generally consult advertisements on the Internet or in agencies. In order to project themselves into their future place of residence, buyers need quality real estate photos (90%), information on the living environment (56%) and innovative solutions to present the property (50%), such as videos, drone views or 3D visits.


Environment and quality of life: the search for an ideal living environment

According to Propriétés le Figaro’s “Observatoire de l’immobilier de prestige”, one of the main reasons why French people invest in a prestige property is the search for an exceptional style and living environment (61%). For 41% of French people, their preference is for a place to which they feel a particular personal or emotional attachment. For 18%, investing in property is seen as a safe haven.

The living environment is not limited to the property itself, but also encompasses the immediate surroundings and the dynamism of the locality. To guarantee a quality living environment, three criteria are essential for buyers of prestige real estate:

  • A healthy, green environment,
  • A good geographical location,
  • Nearby shopping facilities.

An active and developing locality generally offers better infrastructure, quality public services and economic opportunities. A dynamic environment can also increase the value of a property over the longer or shorter term, as developing regions often attract new residents and investors. All of these factors require genuine local expertise, which only experienced real estate agents with a strong regional presence can provide.

Whether as a rental investment, primary residence or second home, the seaside remains a dream destination, and retains its top spot as one of the most coveted locations in the prestige real estate market. The countryside and city centers come second and third in this ranking.

Property history: a captivating emotional experience

With buyers looking for a rare and exclusive property, the character of the property is a key factor that can make all the difference. Exploring the history of a property can offer an enriching and novel perspective. A house, château or estate with a history, having belonged to a celebrity or been the scene of historic events, can have considerable sentimental and heritage value.

This history can also reveal important elements, whether positive or negative, that may affect the decision to buy. Learning that a house and its gardens have benefited from regular renovation and careful upkeep can bring great peace of mind about the property’s general condition. On the other hand, discovering a history of structural problems can lead to greater caution, or the need to carry out in-depth checks.

Top-of-the-range services: a differentiating advantage

When buying a primary residence, buyers are particularly sensitive to :


  • The presence of an outdoor space: garden, loggia, rooftop, terrace, balcony, park, etc,
  • The use of noble building materials,
  • Panoramic views,
  • The size of the property.

When it comes to buying a second home, architectural style ranks fourth. In addition, a swimming pool is perceived as the essential feature associated with a prestige property, and this is the case for 26% of people buying a main residence, and for 34% buying a semi-main or secondary residence.

Buyers are looking for unique, personalized experiences, and this means sophisticated facilities such as spas, private gyms, tennis courts… For some, these elements are no longer considered luxury but standard facilities.

Architecture and materials: a guarantee of quality and durability

The architecture of a property is not just a question of aesthetics; it also reflects the functionality and durability of the building. Indeed, a property built by a renowned architect can offer superior aesthetic or historical value, as well as guarantees of construction quality.

For example, knowing that the property to be acquired was built by King Louis XV’s chief architect can be, in itself, a particularly positive and rewarding argument.

Similarly, the materials used play an essential role. A recent house built with ecological and sustainable materials, such as certified wood, natural stone or terracotta bricks, can be more respectful of the environment and offer better thermal and acoustic insulation. This can translate into significant energy savings and enhanced living comfort. The use of noble materials, such as marble, precious woods or cut stone, are undeniable qualities that make a property stand out from the crowd and add to its originality and value.

Value potential: investment and profitability

Buyers also pay close attention to the potential value of their investment. Prestigious properties need to show clear signs of stability and even long-term value growth.

Another important criterion is ease of resale. Even if these properties are often bought to live in, buyers want to be sure that they can resell easily and at a good price if necessary.  A good location and constant demand for properties of this standing are guarantees of security.

In an ever-changing real estate market, it’s crucial to understand the expectations of prestige property buyers to maximize your chances of selling quickly and at the best price. For the buyer of a property, having comprehensive information on the living environment is of paramount importance. The history of the property, its architecture, the materials used, as well as the environment and dynamism of the locality are essential elements to consider. By taking these aspects into account, buyers can not only guarantee their comfort and immediate satisfaction, but also ensure the longevity and value of their real estate investment. Buying a prestige property is more than just acquiring walls and a roof, it’s choosing a living environment that will be the scene of memories and emotions for many years to come.


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