Our network of partners

In our desire to promote and develop luxury real estate and real estate assets, we have established trustworthy partnerships with companies sharing the same values as us.

Together, we wish to share a common vision by creating close links based on a perennial collaboration. Indeed, these key partners contribute greatly to the development of our group.

The characteristic of great companies, which ensures their strength and legitimizes their action, is to know how to surround themselves with the best skills.

This is true both internally, by recruiting and training qualified, dynamic, enthusiastic and reliable employees. It is also true through the choice of external partners. Thus, the Mercure Forbes Global Properties real estate group chooses to enlist the skills of qualified partners for certain missions and peripheral services. The know-how of these key partners is essential for the completion of certain sensitive transactions.

Whether they are specialists in their own field or experts in the world of historical heritage, our partners operate in four areas. They are :

  • The acquisition of a property;
  • The renovation stage;
  • For the development of the acquired property;
  • Within the framework of international transactions.

The partners of your acquisition

Perfectly trained in the classic legal specifics, the Mercure Forbes Global Properties group’s consultants also know how to call upon expert firms. Indeed, these actors allow to fluidify and secure more specific transactions for accounting, tax, financing and insurance issues. These partners allow you to buy under the best possible conditions and to handle transfers as simply and efficiently as possible. All this, while seeking tax optimization and legal security for each transaction.

Renovate according to the rules of the art

Whether your new acquisition is listed or not, we will help you evaluate the renovation work that is essential for your property. Furthermore, we will put you in touch with local architects, project managers and craftsmen to ensure energy renovation, building, decoration or garden landscaping work.

Enhancing the value of your property

We collaborate with the best partners in terms of land management, forestry and events to help you exploit the commercial potential of your property. We collaborate with so many actors to provide our clients with the necessary skills to take charge of their acquisition and its development.

Selling or buying in an international context

Finally, the Mercure Forbes Global Properties group has established partnerships that bring the value and guarantee of the international premium market. In addition to our partners in the Forbes Global Properties network, we have sought to expand our agreements. Our goal is to offer our clients a wide range of international clients with Mayfair International Realty, LeadingRE. In addition, we have also signed an agreement with Currencies Direct to simplify and secure international money transfers.
Always looking for the best solutions, Mercure Forbes Global Properties is always on the lookout for new and richer partnerships for our clients.