Rental management

Rental management: rent your property with peace of mind

Renting a prestigious property with Mercure Forbes Global Properties: a story of trust

Because they are unique, precious and full of emotional value, our agents are committed to providing you with the best advice for renting your property. First, exceptional rental properties are always offered with a thorough preliminary investigation of the property. Then, in addition to this, a study of the candidates interested in renting is carried out in order to establish mutual trust.

Rental management: audit and valuation of your property

Our Mercure group agents, experts in the rental of prestigious properties, will have studied the property from every angle before any visit: surface area, environment, specificities, energy performance, various charges….

With your help, they will then prepare a complete presentation file of the property proposed for rental management, indicating the charges, taxes and various services. This complete audit, together with a perfect knowledge of the market and the regulatory changes, is essential to value the rent at the right price. Moreover, it also allows us to suggest ways to improve the property.

Finally, together we will create a descriptive ad for the property and advertise it according to a personalized communication plan. Then, this one will be diffused on our supports, sites, partner platforms and other files.

A rigorous selection of client files

An essential step in securing your rental income is the study of the files of potential buyers of your property. Because your peace of mind is essential for Mercure Forbes Global Properties, the files of our tenant clients are carefully studied. This step is essential to validate the accuracy of the files and especially their solvency.

Protection against unpaid rent

Also, in the event of a problem with the tenant, we insure you against legal and financial risks and their consequences. Our insurance also covers the deterioration of the property by providing you with an adapted legal protection without any waiting period.

The drafting of rental contracts

Rental management can take several forms: SCI, main residence, tax exemption, second home… Our knowledge of real estate and tax law ensures that you are in perfect compliance with your tenant.

We draft your rental contracts by systematically updating them with the latest legal provisions. Each rental contract contains mandatory documents in appendix. Whether it is an empty or furnished lease, our agents take care of everything.

A mandatory inventory of fixtures

Also, the quality of the inventory of fixtures at the entrance and exit of the tenant is a determining condition for the preservation of your real estate assets. Indeed, each report is written with precision and supported by photographs. Also, in the case of a furnished rental, we highlight the details of the rooms and furniture.

Rental management: a powerful profitability tool for your assets

Through various technical, legal and accounting skills, our expert agents adapt each rental management request to the property proposed. The objective is to respect the wishes of our clients.

  • Technical: management and follow-up of works and management and follow-up of claims;
  • Administrative: receipts, reminders, rent revisions, regularization of charges and follow-up of the tenant’s obligations;
  • Accounting: management report, transfer of monthly rents, payment of invoices and assistance with the declaration of land incomes.

By entrusting the rental management of your property to our Mercure Group experts, you benefit from the know-how and expertise of our agents in order to secure your income and enhance the value of your assets.

Do not hesitate to contact the agency in your area to obtain more information.