Real estate expertise

Real estate expertise: how to determine the market value of your property ?

Many of our Mercure Forbes Global Properties sales agents are real estate, land and agricultural valuers. This regulated profession is accredited by the CEIF chamber, which allows them to conduct official, fee-based appraisals.

You need a real estate expertise concerning your property in order to establish its market value? Our experts will accompany you and provide you with the best advice to make the most of your property.

Some situations require a real estate appraisal of your property by a real estate value expert. This certified professional will then establish a precise analysis in order to determine the market value at that date. You will obtain a report that will allow you to justify and confirm the quality and value of your home. This type of document can be requested in the case of an inheritance, questions from the tax authorities or from the bank in the context of obtaining a mortgage loan.

Expertise in real estate evaluation, what is it about?

According to the charter of the expertise in real estate evaluation, the real estate expertise consists in determining the value of goods and real rights with the visit of the good and the analysis of all the parts communicated by the customer.

The mission of the expert in real estate evaluation implies the drafting of a report of expertise in which the legal, economic, technical and fiscal elements of the value are taken into account.

Market value of a property: what is it?

The market value of a property is the estimated amount of money for which real estate and real estate rights would be exchanged between a buyer and a seller on the date of the valuation. In other words, it is the price that a seller can expect to obtain from the sale of his real estate property, when it is eventually resold.

This transaction is carried out following an adequate marketing and where the parties have each acted with full knowledge of the facts. Nevertheless, be careful not to confuse the market value of a property with the selling price. Indeed, the market value refers only to the net selling price, whereas to obtain the selling price, it is necessary to add the additional expenses: agency fees, notary fees…

The services carried out by our experts in real estate evaluation:

Different categories of missions suppose a certain number of diligences on the part of the expert. And on the side of the principal, it is required of him a precise definition of the framework of the mission, the production of a certain number of information or documents necessary to the real estate expertise. We can in particular find:

  • Expertise missions;
  • An expertise in real estate evaluation: this request can give rise to a detailed report, a synthetic report or a certificate of expertise;
  • An update of a previous expertise: it is a control of coherence on an evaluation carried out by a third party;
  • Joint appraisals with a common report;
  • A real estate audit, also called due diligence, is an acquisition audit carried out by a potential buyer before proceeding with a transaction in order to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the target;
  • Condensed report (listed real estate companies);
  • A summary report (OPCI);
  • A valuation of business assets, warehouses or company shares.

We carry out our real estate appraisal missions with loyalty and discretion. Whatever your request, do not hesitate to contact us by explaining as precisely as possible your situation and the request which results from it. We will then present you our method for each type of mission, its time of realization as well as the fees.

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