The impact of real estate photos on ad visibility

In the real estate sector, first impressions are often decisive. That’s why professional photos play a crucial role in real estate advertising. In an increasingly competitive market, it’s essential to maximize the visibility of online real estate ads in order to stand out from the crowd. With the rise of digital platforms, attracting the attention of potential buyers or tenants requires effective strategies. Here’s how high-quality real estate photos can help boost the visibility of online real estate ads and maximize the chances of selling a property quickly.

Professional real estate photos: opt for attractive visuals

Real estate photos are the first element seen in a property search. They significantly improve visibility, distribution and communication. They give an argument a boost and encourage purchase.real-estate-photos
A beautiful photograph allows you to project yourself, to immerse yourself in a situation or even to imagine yourself living in a property. The aim is to suggest, through beautiful visuals, the needs that the properties presented can meet.

Not only do images have the virtue of attracting our attention, they also arouse interest, captivate and arouse emotions, and inspire intentions. They also speed up the sales process and increase the conversion rate of visitors into potential buyers.

Did you know that a high-quality photo can increase the visibility of a real estate ad by 45%? In fact, an ad featuring professional photos is essential for attracting people interested in buying a property.

Quality images and video preferred by 90% of people

According to a survey carried out by Figaro Magazine’s Observatoire de l’Immobilier de Prestige, 90% of those questioned said they attach great importance to the visuals in a real estate ad, especially when it comes to exceptional properties.

In addition to high-quality photographs, prospects are increasingly interested in more immersive and spectacular solutions such as video, 3D visits or projections, drone views, virtual tours… And today, advances in technology are such that these formerly inaccessible solutions are becoming more and more affordable. Calling on a professional real estate photographer can offer a number of advantages: top-of-the-range equipment, specific technical skills, staging, home staging

Quality real estate photography and video: a universal emotional language

Photography and video are universal languages. No matter where you are in the world, a well-crafted, intelligently presented and inventive image is immediately understandable.
A beautiful image needs no words or explanations; it stands on its own. Just like a well-made video: it impresses, enthralls and stimulates the viewer’s senses. Photographs and video films are highly effective perception vectors and formidable communication tools.

“72% of consumers prefer to discover a service or product through a video rather than through text.

According to HubSpot, visuals are a particularly powerful communication tool with multiple advantages:

  • Content illustrated with relevant photos obtains 94% more views than content without images.
  • Information is better assimilated with images: after 3 days, 65% of audio and visual information is retained, compared with 10% for audio data.
  • Good-quality visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social networks.

It’s impossible to talk about quality images or product presentation videos without mentioning social networks, which are largely dominated by visual content.


Social networks: an indispensable, viral image vehicle

In France, in January 2024, social networks counted 50.7 million active users, including 44.70 million aged 18 and over. With 83.4% of French Internet users using at least one social network, the importance of these platforms for the sale of prestige real estate is undeniable.

Maximizing the impact of social networks for your real estate advert

Social networks enable you to reach a large audience quickly and efficiently. They are effective levers for boosting a property’s visibility and increasing the number of visitors to your ads.

True viral marketing tools complementing websites, they are a great way to reach a maximum number of potential buyers or investors looking for a beautiful property. Added to this is the possibility of interacting directly with users, sharing publications, responding quickly to questions and thus creating engagement with the aim of building a relationship of trust.
These platforms therefore play a central role, especially in real estate where, beyond the intrinsic qualities of a house, chateau or property, the eye is drawn and emotions are born thanks to beautiful visuals and videos highlighting and magnifying the properties presented.

A few figures on social networks:

90% of consumers say video helps them make a decision, and 86% of users want more video content from the companies they follow.

“On the networks, video is the most popular content and is twice as likely to be shared as other content.”

While Facebook remains the world’s most widely used social media platform, with 3 billion users, YouTube is a close second: whether it’s video clips, corporate videos or tutorials, the content offered by YouTube federates a community of over 2.5 billion people worldwide, including 41.4 million in France. In 2022, video on the Internet accounted for 82% of global traffic.

Whether still or animated, photos or illustrations, high-quality visuals play a crucial role in showcasing real estate. Using quality real estate photos is essential, and this importance is not limited to aesthetic criteria alone: quality reinforces the perception of professionalism and credibility of the person presenting them. By integrating professional photos and an active presence on social networks, real estate agents can maximize their chances of success and speed up the sales process.

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