Rent your pool or garden: it’s possible!

Publish the 22 May 2024 in Latest News

The month of May often heralds the arrival of fine weather, and many people dream of enjoying the coolness of a swimming pool or the gentle rays of the sun in a garden. Are you a homeowner with a large garden or swimming pool? Did you know that it’s possible to turn these spaces into additional sources of income? Renting out your pool or garden has become a growing trend, offering an opportunity for both owners and tenants in search of relaxation and leisure. Discover our tips for a worry-free rental experience.

Why rent out your pool or garden?

There are many advantages to renting a garden or swimming pool. If you don’t use these spaces on a daily basis, it’s a great way to share the pleasure and comfort of these facilities with others whorent-pool-garden can’t enjoy them, promoting social interaction and conviviality.
What’s more, it’s a passive source of income for the owners, who can make the most of an under-used space. This income can be used for renovation or maintenance work, or to finance pool maintenance.

Renting a garden or swimming pool can also be a solution for professionals looking for a setting. Whether you’re a photographer looking for an atmospheric backdrop, or a film director looking for an outdoor shooting location, this is not only an attractive option, it’s also less expensive.
Last but not least, and particularly in the case of large estates and châteaux, it is possible to rent part of these outdoor spaces for weddings, anniversaries, family reunions or professional events such as seminars, team building…

Who can rent out their pool or garden?

Owners are entitled to rent out their pool or garden to private individuals, whether by the hour, half-day or day. To do so, you need to draw up a “common law” rental contract (article L1713 et seq. of the French Civil Code). Also known as a “civil lease”, this type of contract enables an owner to make a property available to one or more tenants in return for rent.
This type of lease offers considerable contractual freedom. All parties are free to set the price and duration of the pool rental.

Pools can be rented in-ground, above-ground, indoors or outdoors. Important note: regulations governing outdoor pools stipulate that they must be equipped with a safety device to prevent the risk of drowning. This does not apply to indoor, inflatable, above-ground or demountable pools.
It’s essential to scrupulously comply with these regulations to avoid exposing yourself to a €45,000 fine, whether the pool is rented or not.
If you’re a tenant, you can only rent out your garden or pool if subletting is authorized in the initial lease. If this is not stated, you must submit a written request by e-mail.

Is the rental of a swimming pool or garden taxable?

All income from the rental of furnished accommodation is taxable, and this includes the rental of a private swimming pool. There is one exception: no declaration is required for income not exceeding €760 per year from the rental of the main residence or swimming pool. You must use Form n° 2042 C Pro to declare the income received.

How do I rent out my private pool?

There are two ways to rent out your pool to private individuals. First, you can decide to manage the rental yourself. To do this, you’ll need to draw up an attractive advert, with attractive photos, and publish it on various media. This can be on your social networks, online ad sites, on your personal website…
The second option is to use specialized websites such as jardins-privé or Swimmy for swimming pools.
Your ad should include useful information to promote your pool or garden, such as rental price, capacity, pool availability, extras on offer…
It’s important to stress that welcoming tenants also implies regular maintenance of the facilities to guarantee a quality experience. This can include pool cleaning, garden maintenance, and preparing the space for each booking.

How much should you charge to rent out your pool?

Each individual is free to choose the price that seems right. But generally speaking, half-day pool hire (approx. 3-4 hours) costs around €20-25 per person. Some offer special rates for groups and children. For owners, this income is not negligible, as it can range from €1,500 to €20,000 per year, particularly in Paris, Provence and the Rhône-Alpes region.

The idea of renting out one’s pool or garden is in line with collaborative consumption, where sharing and optimizing available resources are central concerns. Making people happy while earning money is the credo of this increasingly coveted practice among homeowners with pools and gardens. The Covid-19 pandemic has also boosted this activity, with the French looking for outdoor spaces to get together. Thanks to this type of rental, the pool or garden in the city, still mainly a privilege of the well-to-do, is becoming accessible to a wider public.


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