Building a swimming pool

After the period of confinement linked to the COVID-19 crisis, irrepressible desires for the countryside, space, greenery, and freedom have emerged among many French people, ready to invest in a green primary or secondary residence. And why not consider building a swimming pool if your property doesn’t already have one? But be careful! Private swimming pools are subject to various regulations that you need to be aware of beforehand. Here’s our advice on how to build a swimming pool the right way.

Find out about town planning regulations.

Before you start building a swimming pool, you need to be aware of your local town planning regulations and the specific agreements that harmonize construction locally. In addition, the installation of private swimming pools is subject to certain legal obligations formalized in the town planning code. For example, 3 meters must be maintained between the pool’s first approach and the neighbor’s fence.

An administrative procedure must then be followed.

Prior declaration or building permit?

  • For a swimming pool between 10 and 100 m2, you need a declaration of works.
  • For a pool with more than 100 m2 of water surface, you’ll need planning permission.

Once you’ve obtained planning permission, the pool must be built within 3 years of your local council’s decision (with a possible two-year extension). Once the work has been completed, a declaration of completion must be filed with the town planning department within 90 days.

Calling on a professional to build a swimming pool

The construction and safety of a swimming pool must comply with certain standards. Choosing the right professional avoids unpleasant surprises. A professional must provide you with two essential guarantees:

  • Ten-year insurance certificate.
  • Professional civil liability insurance, to cover all site risks.

To find a professional pool builder in your area:


Choosing the pool of your dreams

There are pools to suit every budget: depending on the model chosen, prices range from €3,000 for an above-ground pool to €70,000 and more for top-of-the-range pools. In any case, having a swimming pool built on your property adds between 5% and 20% to its value on resale.

Next, you’ll need to choose the best location, considering regulatory constraints, as well as sunlight, wind exposure and privacy.

Finally, there are several options for the size, depth, and shape of the pool to be built. If the site is vast, a large pool may be considered, but this will entail a higher budget. Pools can be rectangular, round, oval or bean shaped. The rectangular pool remains the most classic shape, the most ideal for swimming and the easiest to maintain. If your pool is purely for relaxation, a round shape will do just fine. For swimmers, there are also lane-shaped pools.


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