Dream pools on our properties

Publish the 04 June 2020 in Group Life

Properties with swimming pool are much more than mere architectural additions; they embody a way of life, an aspiration for comfort and well-being. Whether modest or sumptuous, these pools testify to our innate desire to connect with water, nature and our loved ones. When we invest in a property with swimming pool, we’re choosing not just a place to live, but also a place to relax, have fun and share, where every day can feel like a vacation.

Properties with swimming pool : a luxury of comfort and relaxation

In the world of real estate, owning a property with swimming pool is often perceived as the ultimate in luxury and comfort. Beyond their aesthetic appeal and the prestige associated with them, these aquatic spaces offer a unique living experience, combining relaxation, entertainment and well-being. Whether an elegant indoor pool or a resplendent outdoor pool, these installations add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any property. They become the focal point, transforming the garden or terrace into a veritable oasis of tranquility.

While properties with swimming pool offer many advantages, they also require regular maintenance and careful monitoring. Water pH, pool cleanliness and installation safety are all essential elements to be taken into account to ensure an optimal and safe experience.

Every year, the warm weather arrives and so does our desire to dive into a swimming pool! Whether you’re looking for an infinity pool, an organic pool, a natural pool in the shape of a pond, an atypical pool, or a swim lane, discover a selection of beautiful pools in our properties for sale…


A swimming pool protected by a former pilgrimage chapel an hour from Toulouse (Ref. 12362VM)


Sumptuous, fully restored villa with panoramic terrace and large swimming pool (Ref 8839TS)


Superb villa with 12×3 swimming pool (ref 8775TS)


Splendid fully renovated gite village with geothermally heated swimming pool (ref 8695TS)

If you’re planning to buy a property with a swimming pool or to have one built, find all our advice on how to build a swimming pool.

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