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Townhouses and hôtels particuliers

Are you looking for a mansion in Montmartre? Or are you looking to buy a mansion in Bordeaux, known as one of the oldest vineyards in the world? Or would you rather look for a townhouse to buy? Whatever your choice, our expert agents are at your disposal to guide you in the purchase of your exceptional property.

What is a townhouse?

A townhouse is halfway between a house and a flat and is defined as a semi-detached house. In other words, the townhouse can be attached to one or more walls of neighbouring houses. Several types of townhouses can be distinguished, including the townhouse row: usually a group of more than two semi-detached houses that are separated from each other by a common side wall. They are usually part of so-called “horizontal” condominium lots. There is also the autonomous townhouse, as its name indicates, it is capable of producing all of its resources without being connected to a supply network (EDF, water, GDF, etc.). As a general rule, this type of dwelling is built on an individual plot and has two floors.
There is also the semi-detached townhouse or “semi-detached house” which has a common wall with another house. The two dwellings can be built on a common slab in some cases. In most cases, the facades of semi-detached townhouses are identical.

The private mansion: an increasingly coveted urban residence

A mansion is a residence that belongs to and is occupied by a single owner. Usually, the mansion is located at the back of an enclosed courtyard, the sides of which can be used to house service buildings: stables, barn, staff quarters, etc. An imposing gate often serves as a frontage to protect the property from prying eyes. There is also a rear façade overlooking a garden.
To date, there are approximately 200 private mansions, 52 of which are listed or registered as Historic Monuments. The mansion is a property with large volumes, since it can extend over several hundred square metres. A true reflection of the times, the mansion is an exceptional property, synonymous with refinement and luxury.

Many private mansions have been transformed into museums or exhibitions, but there is also a market for the sale of private mansions for individuals. As a rare property, it is not so easy to find a mansion for sale. If you are looking for a townhouse to buy in Paris, you should have no trouble finding a townhouse in Montmartre, a particularly popular area for this type of property.

The sale of townhouses and townhouses: a growing property market

These two types of property are flourishing all over France, but it is in Paris that you will find the most townhouses for sale. In fact, the capital has around 2,000 townhouses in the central and western districts of Paris. Reserved for a small category of privileged investors, the sale of a mansion quickly reaches the million euro mark and can sometimes reach several tens of millions of euros. The advantage of acquiring a mansion in Lyon, Bordeaux or even Paris is that it can be used as a main residence, rented out in its entirety to a third party company or even split into several flats.

The townhouse is a more affordable property than a family home. By combining urban living, independent accommodation and a more affordable price, the townhouse often allows people to live in a house without having to leave the inner city. In addition, they often offer plenty of private outdoor space, which is not always the case with traditional houses.

So if you have a property purchase project for a detached house or a private hotel, we invite you to contact one of our agencies in order to obtain the advice of our experts. If you have specific questions about these two types of homes, our agents are also available to guide you in the purchase of your exceptional property.

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