Groupe Mercure-VMF 2013 Award

Publish the 27 June 2013 in Sponsorship and Awards

Château Latour in the Gers wins the Mercure-VMF 2013 Award

The Mercure-VMF 2013 award  will be used to continue the restoration of the entire château: in particular, painting and roof restoration work are planned for the coming months and years, in order to ensure the state of the château owned by the d’Antin family for six generations. In this way, Groupe Mercure wishes to encourage the restoration of private heritage, and to recognize and reward patience and passion.

Château Latour : a symbol of the architectural richness of the Gers

Tradition credits a member of the Pellegrin family, governor of Samatan, with rebuilding the château in 1697. Acquired by the Belloc family, members of the Toulouse parliament, it was then transformed in the tasteful Louis XVI style. The esplanade is preceded by twin Gascon-style dovecotes. The château’s main courtyard is flanked by two parallel wings, which are later than the main building to which they are attached. The latter is double, with one storey and an attic. It is flanked by turrets. To the south-east of the building, the outbuildings are built around a U-shaped courtyard. The interior decoration of the salons, bedrooms and boudoirs is refined, and the wrought-iron staircase banister is particularly elaborate.

Preservation work

Extensive roofing, framing and zinc work was carried out between 1962 and 1979. Thanks to the invaluable work carried out by the current owner’s father
by the current owner’s father. Painting and roof restoration work are planned for the coming months and years, to ensure the château’s continued good condition, which has been owned by the d’Antin family for six generations.

Support from a passionate patron

The Mercure-VMF 2013 award will enable the restoration of the entire château to continue. As France’s leading player in the “belles demeures” market, and driven by a genuine passion for France’s historic and and architectural heritage, Mercure rewards the successful restoration of a characterful residence, alongside with the VMF, thus contributing to its preservation. its preservation.

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