Exceptional wine estates in France

Exceptional wine estates for sale in France

Buying a wine domain means giving meaning to your life, saving a heritage, creating a wine that reflects your image, and developing a wine tourism activity. Mercure Forbes Global Properties real estate group accompanies you in your project.

Choosing the land and the vine is a story of passion, of a quest for meaning. Whether you are a novice or an experienced buyer, the purchase of a wine estate requires an in-depth knowledge of the buildings, equipment and vineyards, as well as the management of the business. Our real estate group, with its expertise in prestigious real estate, agricultural and winegrowing properties, will help you choose this specific asset to be safeguarded and developed with all the passion and rigor that have characterized us for 80 years.

Buying a wine estate, a daring project driven by a love of wine and nature

More and more winegrowers have passed their sixties and are on the verge of retirement. They wish to pass on their vineyard and their vines to passionate people who will be able to continue their work and develop it. You may simply be a wine lover and decide to entrust the production of the wine to the head of the vineyard, the cellar master and his oenologist in order to continue the exploitation as it is, or you may be a new winegrower and wish to learn, to experiment while living in the middle of a vineyard. You wish to make your investment profitable by exploiting the vineyard with various diversifications such as direct and mail order sales, accommodation and catering, creation of cultural and sporting events. Wine tourism is indeed booming and often complements the wine production activity.

Thus, the passion for wine is shared and can keep a whole family busy and alive. Living on a wine estate is an adventure that is part of a thousand-year-old tradition, in the footsteps of the monks, not to mention Bacchus.

The vineyards are spread over 16 major vineyards

The diversity of the French climate combined with an infinite number of geologically varied soils is particularly conducive to the cultivation of vines and the production of great wines. The French vineyard produces 3240 different wines in 80 departments and 16 major vineyards: Alsace, Bordeaux, Beaujolais, Bourgogne, Bugey, Champagne, Corsica, Jura, Languedoc, Lorraine, Loire, Provence, Roussillon, Rhône, Savoie, Sud-Ouest.

Our support in the purchase of a wine estate, a matter for experts

Once you have chosen your preferred region to settle or invest, our specialized consultant, a winegrower himself, will accompany you on visits to the wine estates we represent. This visit will consider the discovery of the house, farm, castle or abbey, the outbuildings, the plots, the cellars, the equipment and materials, the meeting of the professionals of the viticulture to the distribution, while also taking knowledge of the accounts of the company and its marketing strategy, the value of its brands. A day or two may be necessary. If your project does not find an answer in our current listings, we will start looking for the winery that meets your search criteria, your dream.

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