Exceptional chateaux and manors in France

Exceptional chateaux and manors in France

Do you see life as a fairy tale and dream of life in a chateau? Owning or selling such a property requires expert guidance for a real estate transaction that is also exceptional. Discover the exceptional domain that seduces you among our real estate ads of chateaux and manors in France and become the owner of this property of excellence that makes you dream.

Chateaux and manors for sale in France

Putting one foot in history is the promise made to owners of castles and manors. France has an exceptional real estate heritage in this area. If the banks of the Loire are the reference, it is often nestled in the hollow of our most beautiful regions that this heritage of the past and of French history is hidden. Castles and manors have in common that their owners perpetuate a certain art of living, a love of heritage and architecture

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France has more than 40,000 chateaux, manor houses and mansions. However, taking the step of becoming a chateau owner requires a well-defined project and the right support to define its contours. Whether it is the main residence or a second home in the countryside, a heritage investment for hotels or a vast estate with numerous outbuildings, a historical monument to be renovated, the choice is often difficult.

The Mercure real estate group, a specialist in historic real estate for 80 years, will accompany you in France and throughout the all world abroad at every stage with tailor-made advice to make your dream a reality.

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