The advantages of exclusivity

A luxury property is not sold the same way as a regular property. With exclusivity, the real estate agent in charge of selling the property has the time to develop the best strategies for increasing its value and, above all, to find the most qualified buyers. 

Why sell your property in exclusivity?

The Groupe Mercure stands for:

  • A past that guarantees our future, since 1936,
  • The only national network specialised in distinctive, heritage, and luxury real estate with locations throughout France,
  • Service and knowledge provided by experts,
  • Commitment to a sales strategy that aligns with established objectives,
  • An effective communication plan with short- and long-term strategies.

The exclusive mandate: sell your property quickly and at the right price

When you sign an exclusive agency agreement with Groupe Mercure, we guarantee you will benefit from:

  • An exclusive, professional relationship with a single point of contact,
  • Consistent messaging,
  • Trustworthy, transparent marketing,
  • A partnership that protects our shared interests,
  • Highly-motivated employees,
  • Selection of financially-solvent buyers = more time + security for seller,
  • Maximised property value.

Because more middlemen does not mean more potential buyers. Buyers love what is new and rare.

Customized communication campaigns

Groupe Mercure’s 20 offices offer you a complete portfolio of modern, effective communication options:

  • From a well-known agency and a national group with numerous partners around the world,
  • From a partner in international networks representing luxury agencies around the globe,
  • Listing in our window displays: at the local agency and/or Paris agency based on the level of confidentiality requested,
  • Listing on our partner websites,
  • Advertising in national press
  • Advertising in international press
  • Individual or group advertising in specialised press

Depending on the property, we will:

1 – List property on our French and English websites,

2 – Appoint a Groupe Mercure international team member to handle dossier,

3 – Arrange a professional photo session,

4 – Send a complete dossier to our numerous international partners (in the United States, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, etc…) like Mayfair Real Estate or Leading Real Estate.

5 – Create a luxury dossier including exact location, land registry map, aerial view, utilities, etc., in French and English,

6 – Share property information on YouTube and other social networks.

Selling exclusively means taking advantage of quality service

Multiple communication methods combined with quality service:

  • Visit reports, information on clients who have declined to visit, details about competing properties put on the market,
  • Communication plan report and full review each month,
  • Potential buyer solvency research and tracking until sale is concluded.

All this made possible by a contractual commitment

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