Efficiently manage a house open to hosts

Always favouring its counselling role, our partner VMF created in early 2012 the site : reve-de-chateaux.com. The showcase of cultural, rental and housing activities managed by the owners of attractive and heritage residences, this unique site is meant for two kinds of public: those who make heritage live and spread about and those who enjoy (re)discovering it. VMF can inform the owners who wish to start these activities as to the necessary procedures and the regulations in use. Here are some general points allowing you to discover the activity of guesthouse.

You wish to open a guesthouse ?

The guesthouse is limited to five rooms for a total number of fifteen people. The service includes at least one night and breakfast. Linen must systematically be provided. According to the range and the choice of the occupier, the bathroom is adjoining, private or shared. The toilet are in or out of the bathroom.

Unlike seasonal renting, reception is provided by the host and the rooms are located at home, whether it is a main or second home or not. The activity can be run by the owner of the place, the tenant or an occupier for free. The choice of the legal status and the tax system is extremely important. Moreover, notification has to be made to the town council before opening gueshouse.

The management of guesthouse requires good organization and various skills. Also, the person who rents guesthouse must undertake numerous tasks : promoting the residence, managing the bookings, welcoming the guests, preparing breakfast or even meals for residents, cleaning the rooms and communal parts, invoices and accounts…

The turnover is limited , given the total amount of five rooms. Nevertheless, it may complete incomes and finance some charges linked to the building. Moreover, renting guesthouse is compatible with other activities like seasonal rentals or the organization of receptions.

A haven of hospitality and charm

Opening a guesthouse can turn your passion for hospitality into a thriving business. Whether you’re drawn to the rustic charm of an old mansion or plan to create a modern oasis, the adventure of running a guesthouse can be both rewarding and challenging. The first essential ingredient to open a guesthouse is passion. A successful guesthouse reflects the soul of its owner, creating an authentic experience for visitors. Moreover, choose a strategic location for your guesthouse. Whether in the heart of a bustling city, by the sea or in a peaceful rural setting, location will influence the type of guests you attract. Make sure the environment matches the ambience you want to create.

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