Groupe Mercure-VMF 2018 Award

Publish the 29 June 2018 in Sponsorship and Awards

The VMF awards enable owners of private residences to continue their important work of protecting France’s historical and cultural heritage, and contribute to the association’s reputation. They are awarded each year to buildings that are not protected as Monuments Historiques but are of major interest to history and the history of art. The Mercure-VMF 2018 award has enabled the manor house to benefit from a grant of 5,000 euros. Find all VMF awards on the VMF Patrimoine website.

Mercure-VMF 2018 award goes to the Manoir de La Tuderrière in Vendée

Since 2012, numerous phases of work have already been completed. Restoration of roofs and frameworks; restoration of bays, woodwork and stained glass windows. However, the restoration of the mullions and transoms, joinery and stained glass on the south facade of the manor house, as well as the restoration of the rendering on the north-east facades of the manor house, still remain to be undertaken. A further phase of restoration work is planned for the logis-porche.


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