Groupe Mercure-VMF 2010 Award

Publish the 30 June 2010 in Sponsorship and Awards

Mercure-VMF 2010 Award : Château de Vergès

A Palladian villa in Gascony

Château de Vergès is actually a Carthusian monastery. This barlong, two-storey rural dwelling features a number of architectural elements and bears witness to a certain art of living in the 17th century. General d’Argoubet is credited with embellishing Château de Vergès in the late 18th century. Its capitals, porticos and columns are probably influenced by the style of Palladian residences Palladian residences encountered during his posting and campaigns in Italy. The outbuildings are more ancient and very important they met the needs of rural life in Chalosse, where mixed farming traditionally prevailed. Built of half-timbering, they feature a beautiful frontage of around 30 meters, set within a square courtyard, and housed barns, wine presses, stables, wine storehouses…

Victim of the January 2009 storm

When Jean d’Argoubet, the current owner, inherited the property, he was faced with a major renovation project. For almost thirty-five years, he patiently and courageously undertook the gradual restoration of most of the château’s roofs and facades. He also provided all the necessary comforts for a home. Most of his resources were devoted to maintaining the house, so that it could remain in the family. The storm of January 24, 2009 caused extensive damage to the property, but this did not discourage the owners, who “faced with the scale of the devastation the extent of the devastation, which covered thirty years of family work, they once again summoned up all their courage to rise above this difficult situation”.

The commitment of a patron

This Mercure-VMF 2010 Award will be used to restore the buildings damaged by the storm of January 24, 2009: the chapel roof, on which a tree fell, and the outbuildings. Mercure Forbes Global Properties is France’s leading provider of luxury homes. Mercure Group is the French leader in the luxury homes market, with a network of regional agencies and numerous foreign correspondents. Driven passion for France’s historic and architectural heritage and architectural heritage, Mercure annually rewards rewards the successful restoration of a characterful residence the VMF.


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