Groupe Mercure-VMF 2007 Award

Publish the 26 June 2007 in Sponsorship and Awards

Mercure-VMF 2007 award : Château de la Roche-Martel

Located in the Vienne region, this château was purchased in 2004 by Mr. and Mrs. de Cornulier and was in an alarming state of repair.

The owners passionately set about “rescuing” their property, which is now open to the public. Thanks to the Mercure-VMF 2007 award by the Mercure Group, the work undertaken to restore the gallery, the surrounding wall, the chapel, the surroundings and the reception rooms will be able to continue. The château’s châtelet and wooden gallery were listed as Historic Monuments in 2005.

Groupe-Mercure-VMF 2007-Award

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