Groupe Mercure-VMF 2006 Award

Publish the 21 June 2006 in Sponsorship and Awards

Mercure-VMF 2006 award : château de Vendeuvre

The presbytery was built in 1740, at the same time as the village, by Alexandre de Vendeuvre. It had several owners, and was finally bought by Eliane de Vendeuvre, sister of the château’s owner.

The building is L-shaped, with a courtyard enclosed by a high gate. It has two storeys, one of which is underground on the garden side. A small stone bridge gives access to the second floor on the courtyard side.

The property had fallen into disrepair and major restoration work was carried out immediately. A roof overhaul and replacement of two stone dormers were undertaken on the main dwelling. In addition, the small bridge was rebuilt and the interiors completely refurbished. Finally, the small pavilion was completely restored. The Mercure-VMF 2006 award will be able to restore the presbytery roof on the courtyard side, restore and repoint the stonework on the facades, and restore the two window wells on the garden side.

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