Demeure Historique celebrates its 100th anniversary!

Publish the 01 March 2024 in Latest News

On Tuesday February 27, 2024, La Demeure Historique, an association of private historic monuments and gardens, inaugurated its 100th anniversary program at the Cercle de l’Union Interalliée in Paris. This was an opportunity for Mercure Forbes Global Properties, a committed patron of the association since December 2022, to reiterate its commitment to the preservation of built heritage.

Mercure FGP, a fervent defender of historic buildings

Mercure Forbes Global Properties, a recognized player in the transaction of prestigious properties, has been committed to the preservation of France’s heritage since 1936. The group supports conservation, enhancement, renovation, preservation and transmission projects by assisting sellers and buyers in their projects. To this end, it has also drawn up a Heritage Preservation Guide with Demeure Historique.

The centenary of Demeure Historique

The centenary of Demeure Historique is an opportunity for the association to highlight the progress made, but also the challenges facing French heritage.centenary-demeure-historique

To inaugurate this centenary, President Olivier de Lorgeril invited the association’s members to the magnificent Salon Marc de Beaumont in Paris. Denis de Kergorlay, President of the Cercle de l’Union Interalliée, welcomed the owners of old houses with a speech recalling the signing of the founding statutes of La Demeure Historique here 100 years ago.

During the evening, Olivier de Lorgeril recalled the key dates and elements of the fieldwork carried out by the association’s teams of volunteers and employees with private owners of listed monuments and gardens. This was followed by a cocktail reception, an ideal opportunity to meet and exchange ideas about old buildings and history.

La Demeure Historique: guardian of heritage and witness to time

Founded in 1924 by Joachim Carvallo and recognized as a public utility since 1965, Demeure Historique is a national association representing over 3,000 monuments: châteaux, manors, priories, forges, workshops, abbeys, gardens, private mansions and remarkable residences. Nearly half of these monuments welcome more than 9 million visitors every year.

Its role is to represent and support heritage players such as owner-managers of privately-owned historic monuments and gardens in their public-interest mission of conservation, enhancement and transmission. Olivier de Lorgeril emphasizes: “Passion and innovation are at the heart of transmission. Generational transmission, of course, but also transmission to the general public. The strength of Demeure Historique lies in its ability to accompany, represent and transcend the energy of the men and women who fight for these places to live and share.

A pioneer and visionary, it is recognized as the oldest French association dedicated to the cause of living heritage. Since July 2008, it has been authorized to receive funds from patrons (both professional and private) for the restoration and accessibility of privately-owned historic monuments. Patrons can earmark their donation for a specific monument.

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