Calling on a real estate expert: a comprehensive appraisal for specific needs

Publish the 20 February 2024 in Latest News

Donation, sale, rental, division, capital gains, solidarity tax on wealth (IFI), contribution to the assets of a company… are all acts for which a real estate expert is required when they have to be presented to a judge. This independent professional is tasked with objectively estimating the market or rental value of a property, and presenting this in a detailed, documented report. Beyond the classic real estate transaction, our trained and rigorous real estate experts provide comprehensive know-how for a worry-free operation. Find out how expert advice can help you with any transaction.

When should you call in a real estate valuer?

The real estate expert: valuing a property at the right price

At the request of a potential buyer or the owner of a property, whether for rent or for sale, the real estate expert is tasked with assigning a price to a home, a business, industrial premises, land, a company… Thanks to his market analysis skills and his observational spirit, he undertakes to estimate the market or rental value of a property, taking into account all its characteristics: architecture, renovation work, biodiversity, income potential, environmental aspects…

Realistic and comprehensive, this valuation is essential in view of the complexity and specific features of certain properties. Whether you’re buying a primary residence, a second home, an inheritance or an investment, a qualified real estate agent is an essential partner, particularly when it comes to accurate and reliable property valuation, which is not only subject to the laws of the market.

The real estate valuer carries out genuine investigative work to define the value of the property to be appraised. A lawyer, a tax expert and a technician all rolled into one, they don’t just assert the property’s market value; they must demonstrate and justify it in a formal report. It is therefore more reliable than a simple estimate, more detailed than a notary’s opinion, and only this appraisal report is enforceable against third parties“, explains Eric Louvet, Director of the Dijon branch for the Group and a certified real estate appraiser.

The real estate expert: how does he work?

Real estate contracts, local regulations, inspections and administrative formalities can often seem like a complex labyrinth to neophytes. Thanks to their in-depth expertise, our expert real estateexpertise-immo agents are trained to navigate these complexities with ease. Their technical and legal knowledge ensures that every transaction complies with current legal standards, offering peace of mind to the parties involved.

After visiting the property to be appraised in detail, the appraiser collects and verifies the required information documents and technical diagnoses (ground occupation, DPE, cadastral plan, easements, etc.).

He then determines a price, taking into account various criteria such as the nature of the property (home, business, farmland…), economic factors (market price…), technical aspects (architecture, surface area, work…), tax, legal and accounting aspects. The expert’s job is to estimate the real value of the property, not to assess it according to his client’s requirements. For this reason, independence is of paramount importance in carrying out his mission.

Finally, he draws up an impartial appraisal report, in accordance with CEEI (Charte de l’expertise en évaluation immobilière) standards, including all his analyses and conclusions, dated and signed.

Our group places great emphasis on expertise in the broadest sense of the term

Real estate is often one of the biggest purchases in a person’s life. It’s a project that can quickly turn out to be risky, technical, costly and dramatic in the event of faults: inaccurate valuation, poor diagnosis, carelessness on the part of the seller, hidden defects…

Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, invest in rental property, or sell a prestige property, the expertise of our staff will guide you towards informed decisions aligned with your specific objectives. 15% of Mercure Forbes Global Properties agents are certified, so you can be sure of working with a group that is committed to supporting all its customers with rigor, transparency and professionalism.

More than just intermediaries, these key players are indispensable allies in the success of every real estate project. With their in-depth market knowledge and personalized advice, they guide customers towards properties that match their specific needs, taking into account factors such as location, mar

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