Sponsorship evening at the Palais Niel

Publish the 20 June 2023 in Group Life

On June 1, 2023, Mercure Forbes Global Properties became a sponsorship of the Palais Niel to support the preservation of its architectural and historical heritage with an exceptional dinner, in the company of celebrated French chef Thierry Marx. The event raised funds for the renovation of the entire palace.

A local partnership for heritage preservation

An emblematic jewel of Toulouse’s historical heritage, the Palais Niel has been the hub of the French Army in Occitanie since 1999. Considered one of the most prestigious residences built during the 19th century, the Palais Niel only opens its doors to the public on Heritage Day.

To restore the Palais Niel to its former glory, the Fondation du Patrimoine launched a sponsorship campaign a few months ago. This restoration program aims to finance work on the Palais with the help of people committed to safeguarding our architectural heritage.

A true reflection of our culture and history, our architectural and historical heritage helps to create the identity that unites us as a community. By participating in this sponsorship, Mercure Forbes Global Properties confirms its commitment to preserving the testimonies of the past and passing on our rich heritage to future generations.

Since the Palais Niel is based in Toulouse, this partnership was an obvious choice for our group.

This evening at the Palais Niel was an opportunity to showcase our heritage at the heart of a Haussmann-style military building, unique of its kind in Toulouse. Indeed, the Palais Niel boasts typical Second Empire architecture, with classical and Renaissance elements adorning its facades. With the help of partners who love history and architectural heritage, this project will give the Palais a real facelift.

It’s a great opportunity for history buffs and architecture enthusiasts to meet and exchange ideas, as well as those involved in the noble cause of heritage preservation.

To make this event as symbolic as it was unique, the Fondation du Patrimoine imagined a gastronomic meal prepared by renowned French chef Thierry Marx, assisted by the best army cooks in Occitanie and young people from Toulouse’s hotel schools. The dinner provided an opportunity to delight our partners with refined, elegant cuisine in keeping with our Group’s DNA.

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to all the organizers of this evening, as well as to all those who work daily to preserve our rich historical heritage.

Palais Niel TM-143

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