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Publish the 10 August 2020 in Group Life

Family Homes: echoes of the past and promises for the future

Cocoons of refuge during confinement, family homes regain their importance during the vacations. Grandparents, parents, childrens, and grandchildrens enjoy coming together in homes that are often spacious, with plenty of bedrooms and, above all, large outdoor spaces for large gatherings, barbecues, games and walks. In short, unforgettable family moments, like a return to our roots.

Far from the hustle and bustle of flashy vacation resorts, we’ve selected some of the 2,000 characters properties for sale by Groupe Mercure that could become your next family home.

From the Deux-Sèvres to the Cannes hinterland, via Périgord and Aveyron, châteaux or country estates, discover our family homes…


A magnificent traditional country house in an authentic setting (Ref 20399CA-VENDUE)


A castle in Madic, on the border between Cantal and Corrèze (Ref 20102AU-VENDUE)


19th-century character house on the banks of the Lès (Ref 20212LR)

Family homes don’t stand still in time. They evolve and adapt, reflecting the changes and aspirations of each generation. Simple thatched cottages can be transformed into elegant residences, while old barns can find new life as modern living spaces. Despite these transformations, the spirit and soul of the house remain intact, a constant reminder of the ties that bind the family.

They are more than just structures; they are living reflections of a family’s history, culture and values. Family properties a haven where memories are cherished, traditions are honored and the future is celebrated. By preserving these precious treasures, we not only honor our past, but also build a bridge to the future, reminding each generation of the importance of roots and family ties.

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