Prestige apartments

Loft, duplex, penthouse, studio, find the luxury apartment that suits your project with the consultants of the Mercure real estate group, specialist in prestige real estate.

The luxury apartments for sale offered by the Mercure real estate group are Propriétés d’Excellence defined by their geographical location, a beautiful neighborhood, close to shops or schools, a quality renovation that provides all the modern comfort expected, the charm of its architecture, an exceptional view, often with an exterior such as a balcony, a terrace, a garden.

Our consultants will have scrupulously carried out a study of the prestigious apartment in its smallest details and verified the good management of the co-ownership to constitute a complete file that will enlighten the decision to buy.

Whether your project is to live there with your family, to invest to benefit from a rental income, or to install your offices, our consultants are there to advise you and meet your expectations.

The designations studio, loft, duplex, triplex and souplex, penthouse

The following categories are distinguished by the layout of their rooms. A studio is a one-room apartment with a kitchen, living and sleeping area on the same level. The bathroom and toilet are separate rooms. Not to be confused with a loft, which is an apartment built in a workshop or former factory and whose living areas – kitchen, living room, bedroom – are not delimited by partitions, except by glass partitions. The duplex is an apartment composed of two levels connected by a staircase or an elevator, a triplex of three levels.

The souplex is a first-floor apartment where the lower level, buried or semi-buried, has been converted into a living room. The penthouse is a rooftop apartment that opens onto a garden, a large terrace and benefits from an exceptional view.


The luxury apartments for sale are part of co-ownerships with rules

Our apartments are generally governed by a co-ownership which defines rules and annual charges (water and electricity as well as the cleaning of the common areas, the taking out of the garbage, the general maintenance of the building).

The annual co-ownership fees are paid by the owners in proportion to their percentage of ownership. The consultants of the Mercure real estate group will be able to explain to you its specificities so that beyond your crush on one of our luxury apartments, your purchase will be without surprise afterwards and you realize a profitable investment, in conscience.


The Mercure real estate group, more than 80 years of experience in the sale of luxury apartments

Each consultant of the Mercure real estate group masters his dedicated territory and your search for a prestigious apartment will be facilitated by his good knowledge of each prestigious property he has a mandate for.

Search among our ads for the property that suits you and do not hesitate to contact them to express your expectations so that they can organize their visit or go in search of the apartment of your dreams that will meet your expectations.

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