Rental management: rent your property and make the most of your assets

Publish the 24 May 2023 in Group Life

Loaded with history, emotion and authenticity, exceptional residences are real estate assets in their own right, with high emotional value. Whether it’s your childhood home, a family château, a vacation villa or even your first student apartment, it can be difficult to part with. That’s why rental management is an excellent alternative for keeping your property while benefiting from additional services. Rental management offers the expertise of a property manager, optimized tax benefits, additional income and enhanced asset value. Here’s how it works.

Definition of rental management:

First of all, it may be useful to define what rental management is. With rental management, you entrust full responsibility for your property to an outside service provider: a property manager. The manager handles all the tasks inherent in the property in question: finding a tenant, managing rent and any disputes, processing administrative documents, etc. He or she also ensures that both the lessor’s and the tenant’s obligations are met, guaranteeing expert, consistent service.

In France, the Loi Hoguet regulates the activities of real estate professionals, including lease management. This law establishes obligations such as the use of a professional card (carte G), liability insurance and a financial guarantee. At Mercure Forbes Global Properties, we respect all regulatory and administrative guarantees as the bare minimum.

When should you use our rental management service?

Whether you don’t live locally, don’t have the time or specific skills to manage the rental of your property, rental management offers many advantages. Among other things, it allows you to increase the value of your real estate assets in complete security.

Delegating the rental management of your property also allows you to benefit from a rigorous selection of tenant files. After selecting properties eligible for rental management, our agents meticulously review tenant files to validate their accuracy and solvency. This essential step ensures that the owner-lessor can rely on reliable management of his or her property and a secure file.

When you call on a rental management service, you benefit from the expertise and know-how of professional agents specialized in this field. Because there are many different situations in which a property can be rented out, our agents’ in-depth knowledge ensures that you are in perfect compliance with your tenant’s requirements. Renting out a property can also be an alternative to selling it. In fact, when a period or a real estate market is not conducive to the success of your sale project, renting out your property enables you to generate income until a better time comes to make your project a reality.

Rental management: the advantages of Mercure Forbes Global Properties

Renting a property is a time-consuming process that requires special skills in a variety of fields: taxation, accounting, law, real estate… That’s why our expert agents monitor every stage of your property rental, focusing on :

  • Rigorous selection of prospective tenants,
  • The drafting of a comprehensive lease contract: adapted to the type of property, so as to draw out all the advantages for both landlord and tenant,
  • An accurate inventory of fixtures: a well-conducted entry guarantees the quality of the exit. It’s also a decisive factor in preserving your property.
  • Unpaid rent cover with no waiting period: if your tenant defaults, we insure you against the financial and legal risks involved. Our insurance also covers property damage.
  • Total day-to-day management of administrative, accounting and technical tasks such as rent collection, sending notices of due dates, managing disputes, monitoring your accounts on a monthly basis, coordinating work, paying invoices and quarterly calls for funds from the managing agent, etc.

First and foremost, rental management guarantees you a regular income. What’s more, our expert rental management agents will support you throughout your tenant’s occupancy, as well as during the re-rental period.

From the selection of tenants to the drafting of documents and the securing of your rent and assets, Mercure Forbes Global Properties guarantees a worry-free rental experience thanks to our expert advice and personalized day-to-day management. It should be noted that our rental management service is offered in our physical branches, to guarantee efficient intervention, proximity and optimal responsiveness. What’s more, all our managers are qualified, trained and hold the mandatory professional title, certifying their competence and expertise in rental management.

Properties eligible for lease management

It’s important to note that not all properties can be offered for rental. As with the selection of customer files, we pay particular attention to the choice of properties to be included in our rental management service. To benefit from our expertise, you need to be the owner of a high-end property, or a classic new or renovated but quality house or apartment.

Thanks to the skills and know-how of our agents, you’ll benefit from an invaluable commitment to securing your rental income. Through our expert advice and tailor-made day-to-day management, our professionals are committed to providing you with the best possible service. We provide rigorous monitoring to optimize the profitability of your assets.

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