Press release – 2021 review and outlook for the Mercure real estate group

Publish the 03 February 2022 in Group Life

A specialist in prestige and character real estate for 86 years, the Mercure real estate group is reporting improved results for 2021, a year still marked by the effects of the health crisis. The group is reaffirming its ambition for 2022 to develop its territorial coverage of France’s major cities and its international partnerships.

Outlook for Mercure Forbes Global Properties, the prestige real estate market

The Mercure Forbes Global Properties real estate group began 2021 with relative calm, following on from the last quarter of 2020, marked by the second confinement. However, the second and third quarters of the year saw an acceleration in deeds and visits, with customers more mature in their real estate projects. The end of the year was characterized by a slowdown in sales activity in the regions, contrasting with an upturn in Paris and the major French cities in the urban market.

While 2021 was a good year overall for the Mercure real estate group (+9% in sales), we are seeing the consequences of the Covid context, an acceleration of new trends in customer lifestyles, with a growing attraction for beautiful properties in suburban areas. There has been a decline in the number of foreign customers from outside Europe, who now account for 75% of foreign buyers.

2021: a contrasting urban market

As in 2021, the urban market was largely influenced by the Covid effect, characterized by the development of telecommuting and the quest for authenticity. Initially, city centers lost some of their appeal to the benefit of suburban and rural areas, allowing buyers to gain floor space or an outdoor area. Sales of houses and apartments with terraces accounted for 64% of sales in 2021.

With the spread of telecommuting, rural areas have gained in attractiveness: Parisians or residents of large metropolises are increasingly considering making the long commute two or three times a week for the benefit of a better quality of life and a larger surface area.

The Mercure Forbes Global Properties real estate group, specialist in châteaux

  • The group still holds 50% of the châteaux on offer in France, with over 200 properties in its portfolio.
  • It sells 1 in every 3 châteaux in France.
  • With a total of 5,000 châteaux sold.

During 2021, the Mercure real estate group noted an increase in transactions for châteaux in the €500,000 range.

“This trend can be explained by customers’ desire to acquire a beautiful property in a rural or suburban area at the same price as an apartment in the city. A piece of the dream is becoming a credo for neo-châtelains who dare to be adventurous; pleasure and space have become central values,” explains Olivier de Chabot-Tramecourt, Managing Director of the Mercure real estate group.

Faced with these new trends, the Mercure real estate group has decided to adapt its inventory of properties by choosing to include in its portfolio beautiful properties located in rural areas (70% of its current inventory).

2022: customer-focused development prospects

“Propriétés d’Excellence: a promise of total quality. Both on the exceptional character of our properties, but also on the Commitment of our teams, a true trademark of the Mercure group”.

The Mercure real estate group has decided to focus its strategy on its customers. In an increasingly competitive luxury real estate market, Mercure differentiates itself through the quality of its services, its recognized expertise, and by increasingly modeling its Excellence services. To this end, it intends to improve its training and recruitment programs, as well as the structuring of its networks. Internationally, the group aims to maintain its international partnerships, while developing the prospects offered by its participation in the creation of Forbes Global Properties.

Mercure International: Forbes Global Properties blows out its first candle.

  • Forbes Global Properties worldwide: 35 groups and 2,600 employees
  • Forbes Global Properties in Europe: two partners with emerging synergies
  • A response tailored to high-end customers.

As a founding member of Forbes Global Properties, Mercure has increased its appeal through a strong brand. On a national level, the group also aims to expand by opening 15 additional branches by 2026.

Winegrowing estates: Mercure Group expertise in heritage preservation

Still in a Covid context, Mercure has noted the emergence of a new clientele, attracted by the union of exceptional buildings and vineyards. Whether it’s an inheritance or a tax project, this craze among new winegrowers has prompted the group to take its expertise even further by hiring an expert in the world of winegrowing and wine tourism.

He offers his expertise on this specific type of property, enabling his customers to take a global view of their projects: on the elements of acquisition as well as the upkeep and profitability of the estate. It can also offer its expertise in wine tourism and wine marketing.

True to its DNA, the group follows its customers’ desires for beauty and space with a fine, local expertise.

About Mercure Forbes Global Properties

Specialists and true experts, the Mercure Forbes Global Properties group has been offering the most comprehensive selection of French real estate for 86 years. From charming houses and châteaux to country estates, urban and contemporary real estate, the Mercure Forbes Global Properties group offers more than 1,000 authentic and exceptional properties for sale throughout France, including 200 châteaux. With 20 locations throughout France and an international team, the group is committed to Properties of Excellence, meeting the demands of high-end French and foreign customers.

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