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Publish the 07 July 2020 in Group Life

The spring of 2020 and the health crisis we’ve just been through have left many French people longing for space, peace and quiet, the countryside and the sea. For many of us, living by the sea is a dream come true for several reasons: it can be a change of lifestyle, or a vacation break with the purchase of a second home. Homes close to the coast often serve as refuges, havens of peace where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Discover our advice and our selection of waterfront and seaside properties…

The advantages of living by the sea

With almost 5,000 kilometers of coastline, France boasts one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. The main attraction of a seaside home is that it often offers exceptional panoramic views: waking up to a view of the sea, or enjoying it at the end of the day, is an undeniable asset! Not to mention the feeling of relaxation and well-being associated with the sea air… In fact, the quality of life here is incomparable, allowing you to breathe pure air in a calmer, more serene environment.

Homes close to the coast immediately conjure up images of breathtaking ocean views, refreshing sea breezes and a deep connection with nature. These homes, nestled along the coast, offer much more than simple shelter: they embody the harmony between the natural environment and the art of architecture.

Buying a seaside home also means you can invite family and friends to an attractive environment where activities abound in both winter and summer: water sports, fishing, boat trips, lounging on the beach… But owning a seaside home requires careful, regular maintenance.

Tips for maintaining your seaside home

A home close to the sea needs to be protected from the effects of UV rays and salty air. It is therefore essential to consider meticulous maintenance of materials particularly exposed to the elements (exterior paintwork, woodwork, metal parts…). As for the façade, we recommend that you help prevent moisture from seeping in by applying a specific paint or stain that effectively insulates against humidity. The same applies to windows, whose panes should be regularly maintained to prevent salt from accumulating.

As for terraces and roofs, regular cleaning is recommended to prevent the accumulation of leaves, lichen, moss and the like. Then you can enjoy your home by the sea…

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