Living by the sea

Publish the 01 January 1970 in Group Life

Look at Groupe Mercure’s selection of seaside homes, luxury waterfront residences and villas with exceptional sea views.

Sea-view houses and waterfront villas

Living by the sea is much more than just a choice of where to live, it’s a life experience deeply rooted in the magic of the ocean and the immeasurable beauty of the shores. Whether you’re drawn to the gentle lapping of the waves, dazzling sunsets or the salty breeze caressing your face, seaside living offers an infinite palette of unique sensations and benefits. With almost 5,000 kilometers of coastline, France boasts one of the most beautiful coastline in the world. For many of us, living by the sea is a dream come true for several reasons: it can be a change of lifestyle, or a vacation getaway with the purchase of a second home.

The main attraction of a seaside home is that it often offers exceptional panoramic views: waking up to a sea view or enjoying it at the end of the day is an undeniable asset! Not to mention the feeling of relaxation and well-being associated with the sea air…

Living by the sea : a dream within reach

Buying a seaside residence also means inviting family and friends to an attractive environment where activities abound in winter and summer alike: water sports, fishing, boat trips, lounging on the beach…

Breton coast, Languedoc coast or Côte d’Azur? Waterfront villa, luxury seaside residence with breathtaking views? Set course for your next destination with the Mercure Group’s selection…



Exceptional and rare manor house with a incredible view on the sea, located only just a few metres. (ref 20367br)


 This remarkable villa in Fouras offers a unique panorama of the beach and bay. (ref 9804po)


 Magnificent spacious luxury villa with sea access at 120m and breathtaking panoramic terrace (ref 1628)


In a luxury residence, magnificent 259 m² apartment with sea view and 4 suites with terraces (ref VCI1431)

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