LeadingRe’s annual symposium in Athens

Publish the 26 September 2019 in Group Life

LeadingRe’s annual symposium : annual conference with top real estate players

The Mercure Forbes Global Properties group took part for the 4th time in the international congress of its international partner LeadingRE in Athens.


This LeadingRe’s annual symposium in Athens brought together over 200 members of the global prestige real estate market, including some 30 European agencies, as well as Adonis Georgiadis, the Greek Minister for Development and Investment. In the presence of Olivier de Chabot, Managing Director, and Sophie van Cayzeele, International Development Manager, the Mercure Group was able to take advantage of these meetings and exchanges to develop a real synergy of actions in the international prestige real estate market.


Over the course of 3 days, participants were able to attend various conferences on topics as varied as the global economy, customer behavior based on cultural differences, new communication media… The Mercure Group is thus pursuing its international development, while at the same time immersing itself in the latest cutting-edge tools and techniques.

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